Six Beautiful Christmas Table Settings by Mottahedeh

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Holidays are only occasions that we spend together with our families and loved ones. During these festivities, we feel serene and relaxed. Holidays make us think about the beauty of the event, and how everything should look perfect. Also, there are no better days to think about home decoration than before major holidays, especially Christmas. Maybe the most important decoration of all is related to food and dining. After all, we all meet to enjoy good time by the table. Dining is not just a matter of a physical need for food - it is part of our culture and tradition. There are so many beautiful table settings and ideas for Christmas, and we are ready to share some of them with you. But first, let’s see how dining became an unavoidable social ritual and inspiration for so many beautiful table settings.
Table settings date back to ancient Greece, as most of our cultural heritage. However, the first visual proof of a dining table was 18th century painting by Jean-Simeon Chardin. In this painting, two children are sitting in the kitchen to eat. The year is 1740 and they are learning to eat with silver cutlery instead of hands. At one point, this painting could represent something revolutionary. However, there were earlier proofs of table manners and settings. For instance, in the Middle Ages, a table was made of a piece of wood that was used for serving food. Back then, even for royalties, the only table ornament (setting) was a nef - usually a ship shaped table decoration used to hold napkins and condiments. Before dining from different dishes and dinnerware, people used to eat above pieces of bread. And then a real boom was made when silver dishware, glass and porcelain entered European and world’s tables.
The rest is history. So many beautiful patterns, colors and dinnerware combinations are waiting for their Christmas feasts. Since all of us have different tastes when it comes to decoration style, Mottahedeh has prepared some of the most popular patterns that are ideal as Christmas table settings.
  1. IMPERIAL BLUE – Blue is the most wanted color among Mottahedeh’s pieces. Since the Ming Dynasty, imperial blue and white porcelains have been prized by collectors and connoisseurs around the world. This pattern is made of high fire cobalt blue, which was first discovered in Persia. Golden details on each Imperial Blue pattern are painted by hand. This pattern is ideal for elegant celebrations, traditional family gatherings and fine dining.
    Picture made by: Meggiehinteriors
  2. SACRED BIRD & BUTTERFLY - if you wish a warm-colored, yet traditional pattern, then Sacred Bird & Butterfly collection by Mottahedeh is the right choice for your Christmas table. This pattern is ideal for a detailed Christmas table setting, since you can serve everything from soups, sauces, salads, main course, dessert, fruits, coffee or tea, but also arrange some nice flowers on the table. The collection includes tureens, platters, bowls, seder plate, mug and a beautiful shell dish. It is ideal for holidays such as Christmas.
    Picture made by: Rose & Thistle
  3. TOBACCO LEAF - Without any doubt, this is the bestselling pattern at Mottahedeh. Just look at its delicacy, colors and mysterious story hidden within its elements. This was the most highly prized dinner pattern in the 18th century. Its extravagant design consists of a phoenix bird that perches on the leaves of the tobacco plant. Attractive in design, this pattern will surely be attractive on every Christmas table. It simply fits into any style and no matter how you decorated your home, it is more than welcome since it creates a joyful but classy atmosphere.
    Picture made by: Fall for Toile
  4. BLUE CANTON - Another blue pattern, but this time colored in sophisticated landscape scenes, Blue Canton is a popular Chinese pattern that inspired many later European versions, most notably English stoneware. Chinese blue and white porcelain was in demand into the 18th century, and has become a part of the heritage of many American families. Blue Canton represented the most fashionable table settings in the early American Republic. Since porcelain never goes out of fashion, this pattern is also ideal for Christmas celebration.
    Picture made by: House Beautiful
  5. SYRACUSE by HAVILAND & PARLON - Syracuse Turquoise place setting is the right choice for Christmas table, since this collection contains everything that is needed to serve a perfect Christmas meal. This pattern is inspired by the Greek motifs of Syracuse as the most beautiful city in ancient Greece. This is handcrafted porcelain done as mosaic. Pieces of Haviland & Parlon will definitely make this Christmas unique.
    Picture made by: McCory Interiors
  6. DUKE OF GLOUCESTER - If you really want something different for Christmas, inspired by Rococo style, designed in twenty different colors and detailed with 22k gold, then Duke of Gloucester pattern is the right choice. The design incorporates colorful fruit and imaginary insects within a rim of green enamel and gold flecking. The vibrant color also makes this pattern elegant and ready for either morning or evening table setting. Combined with golden motifs on the table, it makes your Christmas table setting complete.
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Christmas tip – choose between service à la française and service à la russe?
There are two main ways to serve food and use some of the wonderful table settings from Mottahedeh collection.
Service à la française is when you bring all dishes to the table at once, thinking only where to place each of them. In that way, be careful with table decoration - use less details, but still let the setting be rich.
Service à la russe, on the other hand, places each dish on the side table, so the host serves guests on individual plates with each course separately. This can cause more worries about variations of table settings and Christmas table decoration, but it can be really an interesting challenge.
What is your Christmas choice this year?
Bon appetite!

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