Perfect Gifts for Valentine's Day

Many years before we even had a chance to choose between dozens of beautiful Valentine's Day gifts & gift ideas, a simple gift card or flower bouquet was enough to make someone happy. Gifts were bought on the streets, downtown at the market or within shopping malls. Valentine's offers always existed, so one could choose the perfect gift easily.

Now we can buy from the comfort of our home. There are so many things to choose, so many ideas… With only a few clicks, our Valentine's Day gift is ready to make a great surprise to its future owner. It's even easier now; a lot of Valentine's gift ideas are online, waiting for you to pick them up. There is no need to catch up on busy streets and shops. The package gets to you right on time.

We were exploring some of the most wanted gifts for this special day. The results are wrapped in four different and beautiful ideas:

1. Fruit Bouquet

It is interesting how many people are, actually, interested in this gift! There are so many great fruit bouquets online. Moreover, this type of gift is not only trendy, it is also a very healthy choice & sweet at the same time. Fruit bouquets are usually stored in a bigger mug, where they look even more attractive. Our choice for Valentine's Day fruit bouquet is Gabriel Currant Mug. This mug is available in two colors - red & green, so you can take advantage of this amazing complementary color pair and make the right Valentine's gift choice for both of you.

2. Wedding Plans

Surprise your beloved one with an early wedding gift. Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to show how much you appreciate your big day. There are couple of amazing table settings; Mottahedeh's most popular pattern is Tobacco Leaf. We were quite inspired by the setting published by Dolfinger's on their Instagram account. Elegant Mr. and Mrs. setting with Tobacco Leaf dinnerware set and a special gift on the top - Valentine's Day key. The key symbol, known as "Saint Valentine's Keys" was usually given to lovers as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver's heart. Pretty original, isn't it?
Picture made by: Dolfinger's Fine Gifts

3. Valentine's Dessert in Syracuse Rose

As one of traditional Valentine's Day gifts, sweets are never out of fashion. But, heart-shaped cookies or chocolate truffles served in Syracuse Rose plate by Robert Haviland & C. Parlon are a perfect gift for her. This gift can be served in tea-time, after the meal. If you prefer an intimate Valentine's Day celebration, then this gift is the best you can choose. And it is also eternal.
Picture made by: Tea Time Magazine

4. Flowers in TBL Vase

If you are still seeking for traditional expression of love, then flowers should be an inevitable part of it. Valentine's bouquets can be really stunning, since flower shops live for this day. You can choose type of flowers and bouquet's size. But, there is not a more romantic way to wrap the gift than putting the flowers in Tobacco Leaf Trumpet Vase. Regardless of the flowers' type or color, Tobacco Leaf vase is so perfect that it allows styles' mix & match. As the photo below describes: "…it always highlights one of the colors in the pattern."
Picture made by: Maddy Kvalheim, reposted by: Mottahedeh & Co.

Why do we value Valentine's Day?

Because on this day, we appreciate one of the universal values in life. Love is a common thing to humanity; it existed from its creation, and it will last forever. Many battles and wars happened because of love. Love is eternal inspiration to all forms of art. Love is life. During Valentine's Day, people who are in love - either dating or already in marriage, remind themselves of that very important bond that connected them at the first place. Love is also compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. Love is respect. Just a small gift raises a huge attention to this big word.
No matter which Valentine's Day gift you'll choose for your beloved one, always remember that "Love Knows no Bounds".
Happy Valentine's Day!
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