Tobacco Leaf Valentine


September 18, 2013

Valentine's Day is EXACTLY 2 weeks away! For those giving gifts to the ones they love, why not consider a set of Tobacco Leaf dessert plates? It's a heck of a lot more original than a box of chocolates. (But being the chocolate and porcelain lover that I am, I'd appreciate both!)

It's pretty traditional for women to receive flowers on Valentine's day. My husband complies and in exchange I generally cook him his favorite meal and we will eat on Tobacco Leaf china. We have done this for 2 of of the 3 Valentine's Days we've been married. It is our wedding china and so it just seems completely fitting. Not to mention, this stuff if gorgeous!

Why not spruce up your dinner table on V-Day! It's a day focused on love. I think that justifies using all the Mottahedeh pieces you love with the dear ones you love the most!

Make It Yours! Tobacco Leaf Dessert Plate (Y2337) - $145