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January 14, 2016

Here you will see our newest products and points of interest. By way of introduction, Mottahedeh & Company has been in business for nearly 90 years and we specialize in classic porcelain, ceramic tableware and decorative accessories.....

  Take a look at what is happening   this month at Mottahedeh.  
Welcome to our first-ever web newsletter:         Mottaheadlines
Here you will see our newest products and points of interest.  By way of introduction, Mottahedeh & Company has been in business for nearly 90 years and we specialize in classic porcelain, ceramic tableware and decorative accessories. We have designed and produced products under license of many American museums and foundations.  Our designs are noted for brilliance of color, spotless high quality materials and unique and beautiful shapes. Plus everything has an interesting story to be told about their beginnings.  You can always call us to ask a question or get some help in choosing  the styles that are best for you.  
Heirluminare Home Fragrance
When the fragrance is a memory, the vessel is a treasure.
This is the perfect gift for a loved one, a special event or a holiday. Beautifully packaged for giving  and produced in Portugal, these porcelains are inspired by original designs that span the centuries. Poured with 100% natural wax,  four vegetable oils and infused with French fragrances, there is no better quality. See our new Duke of Gloucester votives from Williamsburg.
The vessel can be used  in the bedroom, in the kitchen or on a mantle  in the living room once the fragrance is done.  
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See the World through National Geographic's Viewer
National Geographic Society is known the world over for discoveries of  nature  on our planet and it's peoples.  We have the honor of designing giftware  for National Geographic Home Collection using the unrivaled and  vast image library  that includes more than a million images.  
Take a look at the new Snowflake dinnerware.
Perfect for a wintry evening at home.
These raised and delicate images are actual snowflakes photographed through  Wilson Bentley's microscope and published by NGS in January 1904, illustrating the basic science of snow. We have hand painted them in silver mica  and raised enamel.They are microwave and dishwasher safe. We hope you will be drawn to their beauty and variety.
  Go Big and Go Wild!
   Wild Animals at the Coffee Table 
  with National Geographic Home Collection
We love these finely detailed black and white scratchboard depictions of wild animals from various continents, set in a clear blue field.
Check out the African lion, rhino, elephant, and North American buffalo. These are sold as a set of four dessert plates.
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Dragonfly Verse Tray
Let your Dreams Take Flight   
Chameleon Verse Tray
Be True To Yourself
Say it about your Mom  
or your friend who is about to become one.
  A Mother's Love Ring
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  An Outstanding Dinner Pattern:  Over-the-top
Own a true reproduction of the Kremlin dinner pattern designed by Fyodor Solntsev for Tsar Nicholas I circa 1840.  The original design incorporates elements of a plate owned by Tsar Alexei Mikailovich in 1667.  Truly universal in its theme, this historic pattern is a enduring example of excellent design.  Available as a 5 piece place setting  or individually.  see more
Holiday Beautiful
Some suggestions for a great feast !
Mount Vernon's Prosperity Tureen
Keep a sense of history with this finely detailed and historically accurate porcelain tureen and platter, as the table was set at the home of founding father and first president, George Washington, at Mount Vernon. Martha Washington set her table with English Staffordshire salt glaze stoneware and we have taken it up a notch with our  reproductions in finest hard porcelain, Prosperity.  Guaranteed dishwasher safe, and stain proof, there is no finer porcelain made. It holds a few quarts of hot soup or stew. Licensed product of Mount Vernon.    see more
  Williamsburg's Bassett Hall Bowl

Serve a great Holiday punch in deep shades of orange and gold in this large porcelain presentation bowl, an exact reproduction of the antique in Williamsburg's Bassett Hall. Licensed
product of Williamsburg. see more
  Made in America
Authentic Arts and Crafts Pottery
Mottahedeh has partnered with Cincinnati-based Rookwood Art Pottery for excellence in hand cast stoneware with glaze formulas dating back to 1945 and earlier.  Rookwood was traditionally renowned for marvelous vellum graduated glazes and these are offered today in three colorways, Red and Black, White and Gray, and Verdigris and Blue. 
Our Orion three handled shapes are offered in brown and a Provencal gold. Lastly, our Pinecone series of servers are offered in  coral, verdigris, with a glassy  brown background surrounded by Khaki matt glaze.
Shapes are adapted from original archives
Heights 12 to 20 inches.
Pictured here are:
Classic Vase in  Red and Black
Orion Three Handled Vases and
Flower Bowl   see this
Pinecone Rectangular Server
Flower Bowl Assembly
Experience the  nature and feel of a hand cast and hand sprayed vase. Each is unique is treatment. Bouquets look spectacular.
Callalily Vase  in Red and Black
20 inches Tall   see this
Callalily Vase in White and Gray
20 inches tall   see this  
Callalily Vase in Verdigris and Blue
20 inches Tall  see this
Rookwood for Mottahedeh Collection of monumental vases
  It is not too late. Free shipping and expedited terms are available.  Please call us or order on line.